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Student Council

Where Leadership, Representation, and  Community Thrive!

The Student Council is a dynamic and inclusive student government organization that empowers young minds with the spirit of leadership. Student Council members represent both middle and high school students, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued in shaping the future of our educational community. 

The primary focus is to create opportunities for students to develop strong leadership skills. By assuming responsibilities within the council, our members demonstrate a willingness to help others, listen empathetically, and make sound decisions that positively impact our school and its members. 

As the heartbeat of student life, Student Council actively organizes and participates in various school events. From spirited pep rallies to exciting extracurricular activities, the Student Council fosters a vibrant and united school culture. 

Beyond event organization, we are dedicated to making tangible improvements to our school facilities. Through our innovative fundraising projects, we channel our collective efforts into raising funds for significant school upgrades. Past accomplishments include purchasing a state-of-the-art digital sign that keeps our community informed and connected. We’ve also contributed to enhancing our campus environment through bathroom renovations, and we take pride in supporting our athletes by providing top-notch basketball and soccer goals. Additionally, our artistic touch has adorned our school walls with captivating and inspiring murals.


Hudhayfah Rasheed

Vice President

Mohammed Elimam


Hamzah Alzyat


Muhammed Taer

Girl’s PE Coordinator

Malak Alabasi

Boy’s PE Coordinator

Vendetta Muehlbauer

6th Grade Representative

Yusuf Mohammed

7th  Grade Representative

Mustafa Jaber

8th Grade Representative

Jude Alabsi

9th Grade Representative

Leen Zidan

10th Grade Representative

Nooran Elbahrawi

11th  Grade Representative

Aishah Korin

12th Grade Representative

Maryam Alabsi