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Robotics Club

Where STEM Comes To Life…

Congratulations to our Robotics teams who placed 1st and 9th out of 30 competing teams in the Vex Robotics Competion on November 11, 2023. Our 1st place team also received the highest award of the competition, the Excellence Award, and automatically qualified for the State championship. Our 9th place team received the Judge’s Award for outstanding design process, robot performance, sportsmanship and interview. We would like to thank our coaches, Br. Walaa Baki and Sr. Hadam Benachou for all of their hard work and all of our IAA family for their support.

In the Robotics Club, we’re taking STEM education to the next level by combining the power of physics, mathematics, science, and engineering into a hands-on, problem-solving adventure. Our mission is to teach students how to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges, fostering a deep understanding of STEM concepts.

Our journey begins with the Engineering Process – a strategy that involves thinking, doing, and testing. Students collaborate across the four STEM disciplines to construct mechanical devices designed to achieve specific goals. From the initial idea to the final prototype, we guide students through every step, allowing them to witness the transformation of concepts into reality.

Programming plays a pivotal role in our robotics adventure. We teach students to develop programs that control motor inputs and process sensor feedback, bringing their mechanical creations to life. Using VEX kits, our students have endless design possibilities, fostering imagination and catering to diverse abilities.

The heart of our robotics adventure lies in the challenges and missions our robots must complete in a 60-second timeframe. This journey takes us to local tournaments, state championships, and, with dedication and hard work, even to the world championship. While students gain technical skills in programming, design, mechanics, and electronics, they also develop vital soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Direct and indirect outcomes of our club are far-reaching. We make STEM hands-on and enjoyable, boosting creative and innovative thinking. Students explore various learning paths, enhancing their ability to articulate problems and solutions effectively. Our club instills confidence and a positive attitude while developing grit, resilience, leadership, and effective communication. As students master robotics and gain control over their creations, their thirst for learning becomes insatiable, preparing them for the ever-changing future.