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 The mission of Islamic Academy of Alabama’s richly blended community is to ensure that students positively contribute to our global society by providing an education which maximizes learning potential in a safe, stimulating, Islamic environment.


 Our Beliefs

 Academic Excellence – All students have the potential to learn and to be successful. The educational curriculum should be relevant, balanced and foster excellence.

 Student Centered – Student-centered learning is the cornerstone of empowering individual growth, fostering curiosity, and cultivating lifelong learners.

 Equitable Opportunities – Students have diverse learning styles; therefore we are committed to providing access to equitable learning opportunities for all students.

 Well Being – Students deserve a safe, healthy and supportive educational environment with opportunities for emotional, physical and character growth

 Arabic and Islamic Foundation – Students should be provided with a solid foundation of the Arabic language, Islamic history and the teachings of the Qur’an in order to be better equipped to succeed in this life and the hereafter.

 Self-Discipline – Instilled with Islamic values, students should be self-disciplined, skilled, and knowledgeable to succeed in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.

 Respect – Students are valued as unique individuals and deserve respect.

 Responsibility – Students are responsible for their actions.

 Cooperation – The success of the school’s mission requires a cooperative effort and good example from all stakeholders: teachers, parents, staff, students and community members.