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Counseling Services

What is the job of the Guidance Counselor?


Guidance counselor is the person who counsels; advises. On school setting it is a faculty member who advises students on personal, social and academic problems. The counselor also provides guidance to students on such matters as course selection, course prerequisites, career planning, and continuing higher education.


What are Benefits of guidance counselor for Students?


1. Prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century through academic, career, and personal/social development.


2. Relates educational program to future success.


3. Facilitates career exploration and development.


4. Develops decision-making and problem solving skill


5. Assists in acquiring knowledge of self and others.


6. Enhances personal development.


7. Assists in developing effective interpersonal relationship skills.


8. Broadens knowledge of our changing world.


9. Provides advocacy for students.


10. Encourages facilitative, co-operative peer interactions.


11. Fosters resiliency factors for students.


12. Assures equitable access to educational opportunities.


What are Benefits of guidance counselor for parents?


1. Provides support for parents in advocating for their child’s academic, career, and personal/social development.


2. Increases opportunities for parent/school interaction.


3. Enables parents to access school and community resources.


What are Benefits of guidance counselor for teachers?


1. Provides an interdisciplinary team effort to address student needs and educational goals.


2. Provides skill development for teachers in classroom management, teaching effectiveness and effective education.


3. Provides consultation to assist teachers in their guidance role.