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e-Learning Protocol

Protocols For IAA E-Learning Scenarios

There are some days when we find ourselves facing problems outside our control.

Our goal is to maintain our progress with the curriculum and the greatest sense of normalcy in the lives of our students. In these times, when student attendance at school is not possible due to unexpected weather or other circumstances it is necessary to adjust our guidelines and procedures to meet these challenges. In order to best accommodate all stakeholders, following all guidelines below is expected of all parents, staff, and students. These guidelines may be updated on an as needed basis. Any changes will be communicated to parents, staff and students.

Teacher Expectations

● Teachers will be available via their chosen platform or school email for parent and student questions from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM.
● Teachers will aim to respond by the end of the day and no longer than 24 hours.
● Teachers will post assignments for every class on their chosen platform.
● Specific instructions about expectations for assignments such as grades and assessment are left to the discretion of the teacher
● Teachers will take attendance for each period and record this on STI. Teachers may determine what constitutes attendance for each class. For live broadcasts take attendance based on who shows up. For classes with pre-recorded lessons, arrange some sort of check in method for scheduled classes.

Class Workload

● Core Classroom Teachers (ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies) will provide approximately 1 hour of required work to be completed by students.
● Arabic/Quran/Islamic Studies will provide up to and no more 1 hour of required work to be completed by students.
● Assignments provided by teachers may include a variety of resources such as online videos, reading passages, textbook activities, etc.
● Teachers may reserve the right to enter a “0” or incomplete for work not submitted by the designated time.
● Teachers reserve the right to grant extensions for up to two days for work if contacted by students or parents. Illnesses or other excused absences should be communicated to the teacher directly.

Student Responsibilities During Quarantine

● Interact with the teacher, classmates, and instructional materials through online course tools including Google Classroom, Zoom, and/or any other platform that may be used by their teacher
● Meet online in webinars with their teachers and classmates during regularly scheduled times
● Work independently through learning activities and seek help from the teacher when needed
● Complete assignments on time. Late assignments will affect attendance and may affect marking period grades.
● Student progress and grades are determined by students' demonstrated understanding through independent assignments and successful participation in whole group, small group, and individual activities with the teacher.
● Students are responsible for using technology responsibly and appropriately.

Parent/Student Expectations During Quarantine

● Students/Parents are expected to have access to and regularly review Google Classroom, Zoom, and/or any other platform that may be used by their teacher for teacher announcements and assignments.
● Students/Parents will need to make sure the teachers chosen platform is available on their phones or computers.
● Students will complete work in a timely manner.
● Students/Parents who need help will contact teachers via email to seek assistance.
● Students who cannot resolve questions may request up to 2 additional days to complete assigned work.
● Students/Parents are responsible for bringing and returning all school learning materials such as text and workbooks, journals, etc., once the school reopens.
● Parents are responsible for ensuring that students have sufficient school supplies to complete their assignments at home: paper, pencils, erasers, scissors, glue, etc.
● Parents are responsible for providing computers and reliable internet connection for online learning. If they do not have them at home, they are responsible for requesting a Chromebook from IAA for use until school reopens.
● Parents are responsible for monitoring their students’ behavior and online activities.