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The IQRA program at IAA had a new motto for 2018-2019: Quality over quantity! The goal shifted from past years’ goals of reaching a certain number of minutes read schoolwide to improving the quality of library services as a whole. Alhamdulillah, we met that goal through increased library availability hours (resulting in over 900 book checkouts in 2018-2019), the addition of over 300 titles to the library’s circulation, and the implementation of new activities.

Even though IQRA continued some of its old favorites--Lunch Bunch for middle school, schoolwide Drop Everything And Read (DEAR), and the Golden Ticket book hunt--several activities breathed new life into the program designed to both inspire a love of reading and, as a result, improve reading comprehension.

In October 2018, IQRA kicked off with “The Great Book Swap!” Students were invited to bring the old books they’ve read at home and exchange them for books other students have read and wished to trade. Extra books were donated to the school, so IAA’s library was able to add several titles from books that did not get “swapped.”

In November 2018, IAA hosted a visiting Muslim author, Sr. Randa Taftaf. She’s written a picture book series featuring Zaydo Potato, a kid who learns that being a good Muslim is kind of like finding the superhero within himself! We also hosted an Arabic/Islamic book fair at the time of her visit.