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One of the most important assets to any organization is the staff. Islamic Academy of Alabama prides itself in having dedicated, and role model staff who are at the heart of the school’s success.

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Ziyad Awad


Heba Amer 
Office Assistant


Janan Abdein
Office Assistant


Tara Hamidullah

Pre-K Teacher
Arij Al-assi
Pre-K Assistant Teacher


Mona Hassanein
 Preschool Assistant Teacher


Felicity Lefever
kindergarten Homeroom Teacher


Angel Muehlbauer
1st Grade Homeroom Teacher


Ayzer Ackay
2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher


Stacy Abdein 
3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher


Aminah Shah
4th Grade Homeroom Teacher


Afreen Ahmed
5th, 8th grade Science/HS Biology


Nathan Weaver
Language Arts Middle School


Melanie Mahmoud 
Social Studies 5th - 7th grade


Iman El-Hussari
Middle School / High School Mathematics


 Hala Assaf
Middle School / High School Mathematics


Sumaya Al-hamad
Middle School / High School Science


Rahaf Baki
High School Language Arts


Yasmin El-Husari
High School Social Studies


Eman Koupek
Physical Education


Hadam Benachou
Digital Literacy and Computer Science


Shareen Ali 
Arabic Curriculum Coordinator


Lama Abu-Khass
Arabic and Islam Teacher


Basmah Alrahwan
Arabic Language Teacher


Zeinab Abu Omar
Arabic Language Teacher


Tariq Mango
Islam Middle/ High School 


Maysoun Sajjan
Islam Elemtary


Ferdous Jaradat
ESL Teacher


 Yasmin Nimer
 Guidance Counselor