Art Club

Art club provides students with the opportunity to experiment with a variety of art media. Students are given the chance to work independently on projects or collaborate as a group.

Book club

The book club is for students who love to read! A book is chosen each month which varies in genre, theme, and publication in order to appeal to our diverse group of readers! Members meet once a month to share thoughts and ideas about the book. Book club takes place after school once a month. This inspires students to build the capacity of the library and to engage, serve and empower our students.

Computer Science Club

The purpose of the Computer Science Club is to provide an atmosphere in which students who are interested in computers and computer gaming can share their ideas, knowledge and proficiency with other like-minded students. The Computer Club meets weekly in the Computer Lab, which has a wide variety of equipment and software.

Humanitarian club

The humanitarian club is a community service organization in which the club members are given the opportunity to impact their community and community members. Students who strive to make a difference, learn leadership skills, and help others are encouraged to join.

Math club

The IAA math club promotes math awareness and appreciation within the School and in the local community.The math club consists of students who find math to be motivating and enjoyable. Students learn new, inventive, and challenging methods of solving math problems. The math club meets twice a week to share ideas and compete. Math Team is an opportunity for students to learn more math concepts than they cover in classroom. It also provides a competition atmosphere for the students to attend.

MPTO (Muslim-Parent-Teacher Organization)

The MPTO is a valuable and necessary organization, which serves as a support system for the school, the school policy, and its staff. The main function of the organization is that of fundraising and helping organize and/or assist extra-curricular activities for the students. Parents are considered to be the partners in education with the teachers and as such are essential to facilitate the process of education. All functions carried out by the parents of the MPTO will be carried out with the approval of the principal and any teacher or staff member involved in that function. The MPTO is not a policy making body.

The MPTO can bring the teachers, parents and school board together in a positive relationship that can only result in a better situation for the students. We urge all families to join the MPTO.

Newsletter Club

The twelve page student newsletter is published every month, covering IAA news, arts, sports, opinions, and current events through writing and photography. The Islamic Eye is published in the school and distributed to the students, parents, and staff. This club is a great opportunity for our students to develop their writing skills while showcasing the happenings around the school.

Quran Club

The main purpose of the Quran Club is to conduct the Quran classes and preparing students for various competitions. This club makes students more devoted to Quran and makes them love the recitation and encourages to memorization. In addition, it also helps students to love, care, preserve and follow Quran accordingly. Another aim is to prepare students for various levels of competitions and to recite in assemblies.

Sports Club

Our comprehensive sports program includes intramural level and competitive sports. Athletics at IAA helps develop our students’ academic and physical strengths and skills. We emphasize player skills, training techniques, sportsmanship, leadership, respect and teamwork in all of our athletic programs.

Student Council

Student Council is an organization of student leaders whose primary focus is to represent their peers and act as a liaison between the students of The Islamic Academy of Alabama and the faculty and administration. This group of student leaders is responsible for planning student and community service activities throughout the year. In addition to planning activities, students participate in leadership lessons and attend conferences at the local school, state, regional, and national levels.

Yearbook Club

Here in Yearbook Club we capture who and what is happening around the school. The yearbook club is an extracurricular activity consisting of high school students who are interesting in helping publish the school yearbook. Students are required to attend all meetings. In order to complete the publication of the yearbook, students go through a learning experience using computers, writing articles and essays, selecting pictures, and designing the cover. Any student who is interested in pursuing writing and journalism is encouraged to join.

Chess Club

IAA’s chess club strives to provide students with the resources they need to develop and improve their chess skills. We challenge the students in a fun and engaging activity, leading them to participate more in extracurricular activities.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Language Club works to further enrich our students Spanish language skills through speech, vocabulary, and writing outside the classroom.

Leadership Club

At IAA we encourage world class excellence skills through support, encouragement, and education. By inspiring our students to develop leadership skills, they nourish as a team towards becoming future leaders. Therefore, IAA is offering its students the opportunity to practice the leadership skills they need to succeed through its leadership club.


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