A brief word about our IQRA initiative program.

The first word revealed from Allah SWT to Prophet Mohammad PBUH was “Iqra’”, which is translated to the word “Read”. In the same chapter, Allah SWT mentions the pen, which is used to write. Hence, the first message from Allah to Prophet Mohammad, before telling him to worship Him, was to read and write. I, as a Muslim and a principal, believe that reading and writing will help us in worshiping and knowing Allah SWT.

The Islamic Academy of Alabama is a gift from Allah, and with this gift comes the responsibility to teach our kids to read, write, and become good Muslims. Our concentration for this month and the upcoming month is to improve the school’s reading skills program. In order for this to be a success, collaboration between the teachers, parents, board, students, and community members must occur.

Be a role model for your child and READ, READ, READ! Make reading a habit among your children by making reading fun and entertaining. The staff and the board have conducted various meetings focused on improving reading skills. The ideas discussed will be shared with the parents in the near future as well. One of the ideas I would like to share is the idea that, “The reader of today, is the leader of tomorrow”.

To emphasize on the importance of reading, a world-wide analysis of the educators was conducted in a standardized test amongst 65 countries. The highest achievement was of those who encouraged reading in the elementary stages. Therefore, we would like to encourage all of you to participate in our IQRA program. IAA’s Quest for Readers and Achievers

What gave the idea for the IQRA program?

There are three things that encouraged us to start the IQRA program; The first reason was last year’s survey indicated that we need to improve the schools reading. Second, the ACT Aspire results showed that our students needed to improve their reading skills. Third, the board and teachers worked collaboratively to develop a program which would encourage our students to read.

How was the IQRA Program Established?

It was Dr. Khaled Sakkalla’s, the educational advisor of IAA, idea to establish the IQRA program. A board meeting was held, results were discussed with the staff, followed by a meeting with the parents. The teachers then met alone to discuss the ideas.

What are the objectives of the IQRA program?

First, to improve students' comprehension. Second, to inspire students to love reading and read for fun. Third, to encourage parents to be more involved in improving reading by following the bedtime story program. Fourth, to encourage students and parents to read the newspaper. Fifth, to help student be more connected to the school library and public library,.

What idea did the principal, personally, establish?

Br Ziyad, the principal, personally came up with the idea to involve the local library in our program, then the newspaper day idea. I also came up with the drop everything and read, Guest author, and first to read ideas.

Which idea is the most impressive?

The principal is enthusiastic about the IQRA motto : "Quality over quantity 2018"

What is the future of the IQRA program?

We hope to see the IQRA program expand to the entire Muslim community.

IQRA Initiative


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