The Student Council

The IAA Student Council is devoted to representing their fellow classmates on any student-related issues. Prior to joining the Council, nominees give speeches to their fellow students on what they bring to their position and share their stances on various topics of interest. The members are then elected democratically by the students. This year’s members are:


           Last year, the Student Council has finalized and introduced  our first official IAA Mascot, IAA Hawks, complete with a logo Alhamdulillah! The middle and high school girls requested a girls’ sport, and after voting, it was decided that the middle school girls would have a soccer club and the high school girls a volleyball club. Sign up sheets were passed out, and the first meet was planned for after winter break insha’Allah. Also, the Student Council is currently designing IAA Hawks merchandise, including water bottles and sports bags, to be pre-ordered and sold as a fundraiser very soon insha’Allah! Student Council Bake Sales will be held soon as well insha’Allah. The Student Council is committed to improving and helping our IAA family progress. We are open to any suggestions on how we can best move forward.


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