UAB Regional Science Fair Winners

Dear Parents,

A much deserved congratulation to all our UAB Central Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair participants for their outstanding efforts and memorable displays. A special congratulation to our winners; A special Thanks to our dedicated teachers Sr. Sumaya Alhamad and Sr. Rana Alkhateeb for their hard Work.
Behavioral and Social Science Division
Saif Eldein Alzyat – 2nd Place
Selma Mahdi – 3rd Place
Talia Hunaidi - Honorable Mention
Hala Mallah – Honorable Mention
Biology Division
Sarah Jasser – Honorable Mention
Chemistry Division
Zainab Nabi – Honorable Mention
Energy and Transportation Division
Aishah Diallo – 1st Place
Arsalan Ahmed – 2nd Place
Ayman Mahdi – Honorable Mention
Engineering Division
Izaldeen Alzyat – 3rd Place
Environmental and Earth Sciences Division
Sura Ahmed – 2nd Place
Mathematics and Computer Sciences Division
Mohammad Ashouri and Samba Jalloh – 1st Place
Talal Naser – 3rd Place
Nadeem Johnson – Honorable Mention
Medicine and Health Sciences Division
Omar Jasser – 2nd place
Lina Jaber – 3rd Place
Yusuf Zungel - Honorable Mention
AbdulHamid Jalloh – Honorable Mention
Physical Sciences Division Ali Mughul – 3rd Place

UAB Science Fair Winners
Behavioral and Social Science Division

Selma Mahdi – 2nd Place
Saif Eldein Alzyat – 3rd Place
Br. Ziyad Awad


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