Project “Theme of the Year” began in fall of 2009. "Theme of the Year" is a project in which general character themes are chosen to be discussed with the students throughout the year. The goal behind this project is to encourage students to develop a deep understanding of the selected theme and apply its meaning in their daily lives.

IAA’s first theme was “Responsibility”. Students were given a variety of activities in which they were taught responsibility and the actions and behaviors when applying it. They were given lessons of responsibility through prayer, homework, exams, and Daa’wa. A responsibility workshop was also provided to the parents in order to help them feel more involved in the program.

“Determination” was IAA’s second theme of the year. Students were given lessons on the determination of success, in both school and life, as an outstanding Muslim in the community. Both the school members and the school board were determined to improve the school and move forward.

In fall 2011, the “Leadership” theme was chosen. Students were taught leadership by being given the chance to present the Jumaa’ Khutbah, manage the Student Council, and establish the IAA newsletter.

“Taqwa” was then chosen as our next theme where students were taught the meaning behind the word Taqwa and how to integrate it in their daily lives. The fear and love of Allah and taking advantage of his blessing to worship him was integrated in the theme.

The following school year, the theme “Mercy” was chosen. Students were taught the message behind Islam being mercy (Rahmah), for both mankind and the universe. As a school, we guided the students towards living life of mercy and spreading the means behind it.

During the 2014-2015 school year, the Theme of the Year was “Excellence”. IAA’s accreditation was renewed that year, and the Excellence theme was chosen in order to remind the students to always work towards achieving their best. The idea behind this theme was derived from the Hadith by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), in which it is stated that “Allah loved that if anyone does something, that he does it with perfection”.

The theme of the 2015-2016 year is "Responsibility". Therefore, we seek to teach all IAA students the meaning behind responsibility and how to be responsible. We, as Muslims, have several responsibilities and duties to fulfil in our life. These responsibilities are directed towards Allah, one's own self, people, nature and other creatures. Fulfilling these responsibilities can lead to the formation of a well-established individual, family, and eventually a society where peace and tranquility prevail and where the utmost purpose (the pleasure of Allah) is obtained.


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