Project “Theme of the Year” began in fall of 2009. "Theme of the Year" is a project in which general character themes are chosen to be discussed with the students throughout the year. The goal behind this project is to encourage students to develop a deep understanding of the selected theme and apply its meaning in their daily lives.

IAA’s first theme was “Responsibility”. Students were given a variety of activities in which they were taught responsibility and the actions and behaviors when applying it. They were given lessons of responsibility through prayer, homework, exams, and Daa’wa. A responsibility workshop was also provided to the parents in order to help them feel more involved in the program.

Each year, The Islamic Academy of Alabama selects a character theme to teach, enforce and be modeled throughout the school year in hopes of adding quality to their developing character. In goals of further establishing communication between the students and teachers, the IAA Students were heartened to influence the selection of this year’s theme. Resulting in the 2018-2019 school year’s theme to be “Integrity”.


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