Asalaamu Alaikum IAA,

With great honor, I thank Allah (SWT) for a memorable and successful 2016-2017 school year. As we bid farewell to a great academic year, we acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding learning experiences and educational opportunities that the IAA students have concurred with commendable creativity and innovation.

Together, I, the IAA Board members, staff, teachers, parents, and MPTO have worked side-by-side to organize and execute the best teaching experience for our students. IAA's unique academic quality and excellence, along with the tremendous dedication of the IAA family, continue to model an exceptionally safe, stimulating, Islamic environment. And, I carry a great faith in continuing to work together towards improving learning for our students in the years to come, Insha Allah.

This year, IAA has reached an admirable milestone, as it proceeds its twentieth year serving numerous Muslim generations. And, as we further enhance our IQRA program, our students and staff are proud readers of 678,356 minutes, Masha Allah. Also, IAA student triumph and uphold their school's reputation in result of achieving great success as they go on to compete in the regional science and engineering fair. IAA 's Arabic and Islamic studies departments work hard to ensure our students are provided with an enhancing Islamic and educational environment through various activities.

Every day is a blessing at The Islamic Academy of Alabama, as we celebrate IAA's past, glorify IAA's present, and mold IAA's future, Alhamdulillah.


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